The doctrine initiated by Allan Kardec in the nineteenth century teaches us that the state of suffering experienced in the planet Earth is only transitory. It also reveals that we are evolving spirits and to achieve happiness only depends on our own efforts. By studying the Spiritism leads us to seek inner moral reform.
Spiritism is a set of principles, as revealed by the Superior Spirits, contained in Allan Kardec’s books, which constitute the Spiritist Fundamentals: The Spirits’s Book, The Mediums’s Book, The Gospel Explained by Spiritism, Heaven and Hell, and The Genesis.

It reveals more profound concepts with respect to God, the Universe, the Human Being, the Spirits and the Laws which govern life itself.

Spiritism contributes to all areas of knowledge, human activities and behavior, offering new perspectives for humankind.

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The Spirits’ Book – Allan Kardec

It was the first Spiritist book. Containing The
Principles of Spiritist Doctrine on the Immortality of the Soul; The Nature of
Spirits and their Relations with the corporeal world; The Moral Laws; The
Present Life, the Future life and The Destiny of the Human Races.

The Mediums’ Book – Allan Kardec

It explain the means of communicating with the invisible world, the
development of mediumship and the difficulties encountered in the practice
of spiritism. 

The Gospel According to Spiritism – Allan Kardec

The Gospel by the Spiritist Doctrine contains the explanation for
the moral teachings of Christ and application in various circumstances of life.

Heaven and Hell – Allan Kardec

Heaven and Hell contains a comparative examination of the various
doctrines concerning the passage from the human life to spirit life, future, angels and devils etc. 

Genesis – Allan Kardec

Miracles and Predictions According to the Spiritism. It puts together science and religion and develops a series of important scientific and philosophical